Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Forget is it a bird is it a plane? Moreover is it Salvador Dali? Is it Eduard Einstein? Are they handle bars?

... They call her 'The bearded Lady'... Though no one actually knows her real identity. There have been reports of women in Huddersfield simply not doing a good enough job when it comes to keeping abreast of their facial hair; The bearded Lady's creations seek to blur the already fuzzy lines around whether or not facial hair is acceptable. When it comes to tracking her down MAYFAIR have found it increasingly difficult; often confusing her with elderly gentlemen swinging their walking canes and twiddling their own whiskers. Captured here is a rare sighting of the tached beast which MAYFAIR wanted to share with its' fellow devotees.

What you can't see is that behind that moustache Maria Scaife is in fact grinning. Headstrong and forward thinking Maria Scaife is in fact a force to be reckoned with and one should not be fooled as much as one may find her creation humorous as she is deadly serious when it comes to the ambition and drive needed to succeed. Soon to be leaving the town to pastures new, Maria Scaife is currently pursuing a career to become a Fashion Designer, recently securing her place at Middlesex University. But before she takes her moustaches 'darn sarth' in her special moustache shaped carry case, she'll be selling her facial hair inspired necklaces and cushions at MAYFAIR. We think they're pretty quirky, cool and surprisingly androgynous.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

DON'T! ~ Rain on MAYFAIR's parade

Nobody likes the rain except maybe ducks and umbrellas so unless you are one of the foresaid objects or animals please join us in a mutual a~hoping and a~praying and a~wishing, a~huffing and a~puffing mental strategy to blow those clouds away for MAYFAIR day.

Who wants raindrops on their burger bun anyways? Unless you really are a duck and like your bread wet before you beak it ~ we mean eat it.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Sustainable London Designer

Combining fresh cutting edge fashion from London; but with none of London's pollution, Francesca Warren teams wearable womens style - albeit created from men's clothing (thanks Guys) - with the moral code of being good natured to the ole Mother nature.
As a former industrial textile town Huddersfield's MAYFAIR team naturally offers Francesca Warren an overly warm welcome, as her environmentally friendly collection is full of miniscule but hugely effective Textile details such as flocking, embroidery, print and dyeing which gives her work an edge above simply being a re-invented shirt which the wearer has simply pinned in at the waist.
A former London College of Fashion student and Current MA Central Saint Martins student her Collection oozes style, sophistication and a good deal of thought and consideration to the wearer and our environment

Saturday, 1 May 2010

You're Truly Scrumpy, you're truly Truly Scrumpy

With a visible love of all things Cath Kidston, Holly Hulse; creator and designer of her own brand Truly Scrumpy creates decorative items which compliment any girl's outfit.

Her interest in Kitsch, vintage retro print, knit and contemporary crafts means that her handmade and customised accessories will complete your outfit, and make one look subtly unique. Because they are accessories rather than a full blown customised outfit, Truly Scrumpy gives you the chance to buy something that you can add to your ensemble, something a little quirky, without making a scene.

A throw back to the 1920's and the Jazz Age, MAYFAIR are jiving to Truly Scrumpy's rhythm, donning feathers and hair bands alla Bugsy Malone. Whether you're into your new, your old, your borrowed or even your blue rest assured Truly Scrumpy will have an accessory to bring the most out of your outfit.

MAYFAIR have their eyes on her feathered hair clips - way more individual and of course lovingly made than anything available in the shops.

Monday, 26 April 2010


MAYFAIR: ***NEWSFLASH*** MAYFAIR SECURES TOKYO http://www.tokyohuddersfield.com/tokyo.html


MAYFAIR interrupts your casual browsing for pleasure - or boredom - antics with a very special bulletin; MAYFAIR will be held at nightclub venue Tokyo Wednesday 19th May, 2010, 12pm.

First we respectably asked, then admittedly we got a bit desperate so we begged, pleaded and baked our way through the stomach and into the hearts of Tokyo's staff to give us and YOU the privilege of enjoying the creative nick 'n' knacks of various designers and Independent stalls in the familiar surroundings of Huddersfield's most beloved club.

MAYFAIR has it on good authority that there's going to be a BBQ on the day too: cakes, bands, DJ sets, cool unique merchandise, a BBQ AND not forgetting the whole point of this post - all held in Tokyo's what more do you want Huddersfield?*

*We regret nudity ain't our cuppa tea so don't waste your time suggesting it's what Huddersfield wants, it's a family show folks

Sunday, 25 April 2010