Saturday, 1 May 2010

You're Truly Scrumpy, you're truly Truly Scrumpy

With a visible love of all things Cath Kidston, Holly Hulse; creator and designer of her own brand Truly Scrumpy creates decorative items which compliment any girl's outfit.

Her interest in Kitsch, vintage retro print, knit and contemporary crafts means that her handmade and customised accessories will complete your outfit, and make one look subtly unique. Because they are accessories rather than a full blown customised outfit, Truly Scrumpy gives you the chance to buy something that you can add to your ensemble, something a little quirky, without making a scene.

A throw back to the 1920's and the Jazz Age, MAYFAIR are jiving to Truly Scrumpy's rhythm, donning feathers and hair bands alla Bugsy Malone. Whether you're into your new, your old, your borrowed or even your blue rest assured Truly Scrumpy will have an accessory to bring the most out of your outfit.

MAYFAIR have their eyes on her feathered hair clips - way more individual and of course lovingly made than anything available in the shops.


  1. I'm very impressed by your brooches, expecially the feather one, very very beautiful!

    Cassie Ross

  2. thank you :) the feathers are actually hairpieces!